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I am an Educational Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in education. My core purpose is to enhance every child's life path, opportunity, and prosperity. I help educators, school leaders, and students reach optimal performance by utilizing the science of learning and development principles.

Throughout my years in education, I have realized that there is a duality that we cannot ignore…excellent teaching and strong leadership are essential for student success. Schools and students need both to thrive.  I work with schools to significantly improve student outcomes, and I am passionate about assisting people in learning skills that increase productivity and promote well-being. 

 My Experience



  • On-site and virtual training

  • Half-day, full day or multi-day workshops

  • Customized workshops 


360 School Improvement

  • Teacher and Administrator Training

  • Operational and Instructional Foundation


Leadership Coaching

  • The Four Dimensions of Leadership

  • Strategic Planning

  • Certification

The Leadership Institute

The purpose of  The Leadership Institute is to provide resources, tools, and training that optimize educational performance at every level. I have developed leadership training programs for school administrators, teachers, and students. 

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